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Podcast #100 Coaching Athletes with Dyslexia with Sophia Gomma

A lot of dyslexics excel in sports. Some professional athletes even attribute their success to dyslexia. This week we are going to talk about this fascinating subject with Sophia Gomma, a licensed Davis facilitator who helps dyslexic students in school and sports.

People with dyslexia are naturally very good at dynamic reasoning which can be very helpful in competitive games.  However, there can be underlying roadblocks. Executing set plays and following the coaches instructions can sometimes be difficult for people with dyslexia.  The coach may misinterpret this as the athlete being lazy.

We invited Sophia Gomma to our podcast this week to talk about dyslexia in sports and the factors that may affect athletes with dyslexia. Sophia also shares a lot of insights on coaching dyslexics and knowing what they need to maximise their capabilities in sports.

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