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Podcast #102 Constantly Reinventing Yourself With Karen Font

Karen Font, the host of ‘You Are More Than Your Labels’ podcast, sat down with me and shared her dyslexia story. Just like many of us, Karen Font discovered she has dyslexia later in life. She didn’t know her struggles in school were because of her dyslexia until she was tested. Karen created a podcast, sharing experiences of everyday people with dyslexia.
In this episode, we talked about constantly reinventing yourself, a trait that most dyslexics have. We constantly find ways to change something in ourselves and what we do. She also talked about how you are more than just your label.

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The BulletMap Academy

BulletMap Academy is the only online dyslexia study skills club in the world. We help parents get their kids high school ready; fusing innovative e-learning with 1-to-1 coaching, a motivational community, and seal the deal with the rewards and recognition dyslexic kids deserve. 

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