Ed Calkins

Podcast #103 Dyslexia, confidence and an alter ego who turned into a dynamic character of a novel. Ed Calkins

We have a very special and mind-bending episode this week. It’s all about a man with dyslexia who worked 34 years as a driver for a newspaper company and recently published a book with himself as the main character.
Let’s follow the story of Ed Calkins who had troubles with self-confidence all his life. As a hobby, he created fascinating stories with characters based on real-life people and shared them with his colleagues and friends. One of his friends is an author, Denise Unland, who decided to include Ed, as one of the characters in her trilogy.
The character, Ed, ended up being a fan favourite that fans of the trilogy wanted to know more about his back story. Ed Calkins took on that challenge and wrote a novel based on the character with the same name. At first, Ed wasn’t confident about his story but after hearing positive feedback about the character, he was motivated to finish his novel

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His wife, Nancy, created all the cover and interior art for the book.

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