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Podcast #114 Bilingual and Dyslexia by Aimee Kyffin

Have you tried studying another language? We all know it can be extremely hard to learn something you are not used to. Now, imagine what a child with dyslexia feels after moving to a country with a very different language. Learning a language is hard enough, but to learn another language while you are still learning to read with dyslexia is daunting. That is what our guest for today has experienced, when she and her family transferred to another country. Aimee Kyffin was not yet diagnosed with dyslexia when they moved to the Netherlands. Early on, she was having difficulty reading and understanding her lessons but people were just shrugging it off as they suspected it was just because she wasn’t used to the language.
This week, I had a great conversation with Aimee Kyffin as she talked about her dyslexia story. She also shared a new technology they developed where children can learn in a multi-sensory way. It basically lets you use colour to visualise spelling. It’s a very interesting technology which they plan on publishing in 2022. Listen to the podcast and hear her story.

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