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Podcast #79 Shame, Dyslexia and the Power of Empathy

Two years ago we made a mind map animation video of the story of Stan Gloss based on an article by For those who are not familiar, Stan is the CEO and co-founder of BioTeam and dyslexic. He talked about his life growing up with dyslexia and how he used it to his advantage. To cut the story short, Stan saw the video and contacted us. We are so thankful that he liked the video so we asked him if he could be a guest in our podcast and continue the story we started with the video. 

In this episode, we have a conversation with Stan Gloss where he talked about shame and dyslexia and the power of empathy. He noticed that people don’t usually talk about dyslexia and the shame that’s associated with having it. How does it impact us? Where does shame come from? And what can we do to help them deal with it. Most people just avoid talking about but he personally feel that we should have an open conversation about it.

Listen to the podcast now.

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