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Podcast #81 Special Learning Support through Online Video with Kerry Pace

This is Part 2 of our interview with Kerry Pace, the founder of Diverse Learners, a tutoring service where they support students and workers with Special Learning Difficulties by online tutoring. In the previous episode, we talked about her life story and how she found out that she has dyspraxia, ADD, and sensory processing disorder.

In this episode, we find out how she saw a need to create her own online tutoring company by observing the Nursing students who were diagnosed with various learning difficulties dropping out of school because it’s impossible for them to access that much needed support. Aside from the hectic timetable in school and punishing shifts at hospitals, most university based support don’t open from May to October. The allotted one-to-one support for 1 hour a week is not being met. That’s where Diverse Learners comes in. Through online tutoring, they can provide that support without having to meet the students face-to-face. They can do it for an hour a week without during their free time. Listen to the podcast to find out more…

Listen to the podcast now.

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