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#86 Conquering Dyslexia: Why Your Belief Matters.

This week, we had a very interesting conversation with Theo Gough, Author of the Conquering Dyslexia Book and host of the Conquering Dyslexia podcast. When he was in year three, Theo was diagnosed with dyslexia and was said to be one of the worst dyslexics in england. He loved talking but his parents couldn’t understand what he was saying. He mispronounced his name every time and it took him 6 years to learn how to pronounce it correctly. All this and more has affected his confidence and self esteem.

His life changed almost instantly when he watched a video on youtube. He started viewing his life differently. He started to believe that he can achieve anything instead of just waiting for other people to help him. Now, he wrote a book called “conquering dyslexia” to share his experience of building his confidence in living with dyslexia

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