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Podcast #92 Entrepreneur and Business Coach Understanding Dyslexia the Second Time

Stephen Martin thought his dyslexia would just disappear after finishing school. He was diagnosed early in his life and had the same struggles that most kids with dyslexia had. But he recently just realized what dyslexia really means when he talked to a dyslexia practitioner. He then realized all the things and decisions that he had made were, in one way or another, affected by his dyslexia. He’s now sharing this realization in a podcast called “The Truth About Dyslexia”

This week, we talked to Stephen Martin, an entrepreneur in the digital marketing space and business coach, where he shared about his dyslexia story, the moment of realization with the dyslexia practitioner and how it reshaped his way of life and way of thinking about dyslexia. Listen to the podcast now.

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