Students using the Seven Maps from the BulletMap™ System

Once dyslexics have the basics of reading and writing the next skill is learning how to organise your thoughts creatively. In these maps students use the BulletMap System to tackle the seven main challenges school and college throw at you: Brainstorming, Notes, simplifying notes, research, testing yourself, answering questions accurately and structuring essays and presentations.

A BrainstormMap:

To take random ideas and find order

BrainstormMap by Susannah (Age 16)

A NoteMap:

To capture keywords quickly

NoteMap by Janet (Post Graduate Student)

An EditMap:

To pull together multiple sources of information

EditMap by Jack (Age 9)


To make a topic memorable

MemoryMap by Henry (Age 12)


To test your memory of a map

FlashMap by Josephine (Age 11)


To identify key points to answer in a question

QuestionMap by Gilda (Dyslexia Tutor)


To structure an essay outline

ScaffoldMap by Annabelle (Age 12)

This work was done by dyslexic children and adults attending BulletMap Academy, the worlds first online dyslexia school for study skills. The BulletMap system is the first visual study skills system designed for dyslexics.

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