BulletMap Academy Monthly Celebration April 24, 2021

The BulletMap Academy Celebration is a monthly occurring event where we talk to the students and share their accomplishments since joining the academy. Here are the students who shared their stories on April 24, 2021.
  • Abstract – Molly used a map to write an abstract for her exhibit.
  • Essay Writing – Cas has written his very first essay with the help of a map.
  • GCSE – Andrew is preparing for his GCSE in Religious Studies with a map.


This is where we acknowledge all the accomplishments of our amazing students. Watch the video and see their individual achievements.


Molly submitted her paper to a major health conference in the country. She used a BulletMap as her abstract to present her paper on the exhibition day.


Andrew is now preparing for his GCSEs. For Religious Studies, he made BulletMaps to help him go over his revision. In this video, he shared one map about religion and pollution.


Cass wrote his first essay using the BulletMap. He shared to us a map about how he liked Motor Cross bikes. 

The BulletMap Academy

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