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Follow your passion  •  Support dyslexic kids  •  Reap the rewards

Follow your passion • Support dyslexic kids • Reap the rewards

Become a BulletMap Coach and get paid to do something you love!

“Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a student who’s been let down by the school system find their spark again.”

Darius Namdaran
Teacher, Coach & Founder

Do you see the need for Dyslexic children to receive a study skills programme once they can read?

Do you know children who are approaching grade-level reading standard but still struggle with school work?

Are parents asking you put their children’s new reading skills to good use and get them ready for high school?

Are you struggling with a patchwork of techniques to try and give your students the skills they need?

If you teach dyslexic kids, you need BulletMap Academy.

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Most dyslexia programmes focus on reading, not study skills.

At BulletMap™ Academy, we teach students how to turn dyslexia to their advantage, using the BulletMap System. But lessons alone aren’t enough – dyslexic children need someone to mentor them as they navigate the emotional barriers to learning, as well as the practical ones.

We call these unsung heroes BulletMap Coaches.

Become a BulletMap Coach today, it’s easy.

No knowledge of mind mapping is required. It really is as simple as hitting ‘play’ and coaching students through the exercises.

*To enrol, you need to have at least 3 years experience supporting dyslexic kids as a parent, or a tutor.

You support students. We support you.

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With free Facebook Marketing

It can be very time consuming to find new students to teach.

We offer coaches free Facebook marketing which can be targeted to your local area. Just let us know if you need help, we’ll cover the cost.

Ask us now

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We’ll Handle The Rest

We want you to focus on the bit that really matters – being there for dyslexic kids.

To make this possible, we’ve streamlined the way tuition is delivered via video learning, reducing preperation and paperwork.


With Exclusive Student Discounts

As a BulletMap Coach, you’ll be eligible to offer  your students 80% off the price of their monthly subscription when they enter your unique Coach Discount Code at checkout.

Get your unique code when you enrol today.

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In our Coaches Community

Finding resources to help you teach is hard enough – but finding a community of like-minded parents and dyslexia study skills tutors is just about impossible. So we created our own!

Enrol today and join us as we learn, grow and thrive together.

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   Increase your income by $600 per month*

  Up to 8 billable hours per student, per month

  50 hours of continuous processional development

  Teach unlimited students once you become certified

* If you mentor 3 students
at $50 per hour

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