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What do you do when you lose a little motivation?
You hang out with inspiring friends in one of our clubs!

The Community Club is a time where parents and students gather in a zoom meeting and share their experiences that week. It’s a place to share their BulletMaps as well as a place to observe the maps of other students. We also encourage to give positive feedback to the maps to inspire students to do more maps in the future. Join us in the Community club.

At BulletMap Academy we bring together some of the most interesting, inspiring and creative people in the world to hang out in Zoom clubs and share how they are solving their challenges at school, university and work with visual notes.

It is such good fun to see how people use the BulletMap system to make school and work fun and fast. And so motivating.

After one session, even the most reluctant teenager can be inspired to believe they can use a BulletMap to overcome the pain of schoolwork!

We have clubs for all ages and time zones.

Sessions cost £10 ($10) each. Or Unlimited entry with Club Subscription. (See Prices)

If you’re already a member, please log in to get access to the Clubs’ Zoom links.


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