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Podcast #39 Multi-awarded dentist who was reluctant to take the dyslexia assessment test shares his pre and post-test experience

Award winning Dentist who takes a dyslexia assessment but agrees to compare his  feelings before and after the test in this podcast recorded in two parts. We explore:

Bad advice from a career adviser: “…I don’t think you’re going to be bright enough to become a dentist.”

Finding a natural ability: “…you just grow up with this natural ability.”

Dyslexic pioneers in dentistry: “I’ve discovered is so many of the guys that are pioneering this new stuff, they are dyslexic.”

Fear of failure: “I was terrified I was going to be discovered as being a failure or a fraud… there’s almost a drive to be the best and …prove yourself.”

What do you feel before the test? “I’m slightly nervous I’m not dyslexic…”

Coping Strategies: “… I dictate everything.”

Money and Delegating: “ Build a team of people round about you who can do the things that you’re not good at.”

Dyslexic delaying tactic: “I would ask her to repeat the question….”

What do you feel after the test: “… confirms to me kind of what I’ve known and what I’ve avoided…”

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