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Meet Classmates  •  Talk Face to Face   •   Daily Inspiration

Meet Classmates • Talk Face to Face • Daily Inspiration

Dyslexia can be a very lonely Journey.
Our students never travel alone

Dyslexic children often feel isolated and embarrassed. 

They need regular connection with children who think like them and talk like them to accept that dyslexia is normal and that they can accomplish their dreams.

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The Digital Campus Connecting Dyslexic Children

We have a unique way to connect children across the globe with our digital campus.

Inspire your child with:

Live Video Groups and the BulletMap Social Network

Speak Face To Face

In live Webcam Study Groups

The World is Online. But us Dyslexics can take forever to write a post. We love talking instead of writing.

So we bring children and parents together via live Study Groups. Students do talk throughs of their maps and get positive feedback weekly.

Get Inspired Daily

With our exclusive social network

What BulletMap videos have other dyslexic children made today? "Lets go look". It could be an original story, a graphic novel, a project, presentation, geography or Medicine!
Every day students upload a new dose of inspiration.

Make Friends that 'Get you'

In a supervised social network

Dyslexia can be a very lonely journey. The answer is to find friends your age who are dyslexic and motivated like you. But where?

Find friends in our digital school campus of study groups and social network.

Feel Valued

Share your story map videos for others to learn from

Watch our positive culture in study groups lift the weight of shame from your child's shoulders. Experience moments where the course of your child's life changes for the better because of another dyslexic child's contribution.

Bring your friends and family on the journey

Parents, brothers, sisters and tutors can join the campus and follow the work you choose to share with them and be companions on your journey learning how to express your unique creativity.

Rebuild Self Belief

With our rewards system

Dyslexics are some of the most unrecognised students in school – but not here.

We think BulletMapping is like martial arts for the mind, so each time students complete a module, we reward them with an Academy Belt.

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Lay the foundations for their future

Without the proper tools to organise their thoughts dyslexics will always face an uphill struggle.

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