Doodle a Story Together

Live + Online

Doodle a Story Together

Live + Online

You can doodle a story together daily with other families on Zoom or Facebook. We call it “Doodle Club’.

For anyone who likes stories, doodling and learning aged 4-104!

Invite friends and doodle together. You’ll hear lots of interesting stories, like fables etc. Learn how to doodle from other children who join in the club.

Join us live via Zoom or Facebook every Thursday at 5pm U.K. (or 12nn N.Y.).

It works like this:

  1. I tell a story and you doodle.
  2. You show and tell
  3. Repeat! I’ll retell the story and you doodle some more!

You’ll get to see how others doodle the story and learn from them!

At the end, I will share a few doodle tips for the next day.

See you every Thursday at 5pm on Doodle club for 25 min of educational doodle fun.

Join Doodle Club:

Upon signing up, you will receive an email with the link to the Zoom meeting room

Doodle Club #1

The Story of the Stick Men and Sword of Damocles

Doodle Club #2

The Mouse and the Lion + Using Lines for Landscape

Doodle Club #3

The Bell of Atri and Doodling Movement

Doodle Club #4

The Sun and the Wind + Doodling Faces

Doodle Club #5

Saint Jerome and the Lion + Doodling Symbols

Doodle Club #6

The Compo and How to Doodle Wind

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