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Podcast #34 The Education System + Dyslexia: A View From Inside and Outside

This episode of Dyslexia Explored, Chrissie Grant shares how she began as a support worker and then branched out into becoming a private education mentor.
She talks about how she started a career in acting.
The current state of our educational system
How schools wait for teenagers to fail
The transition from junior school to high school
How there’s a gap between academic tutoring and therapeutic tutoring
How she’s encountered so many students who think they can’t do things because they’re dyslexic
Bringing Hope to people who aren’t positive about their specialized thinking
One of the biggest challenges is helping people within the systems understand the advantages of Neurodiversity
Building up the link between students home and school
How parents often feel let down by the system, yet teachers themselves feel let down by the system because they can’t help the children the way they want to.
How seeing children get hooked on learning is like a drug for Chrissie and is a great reward
Sharing her own experience of dyspraxia and how affects her work life
Advice to her teacher teenage self “life is long”. Enjoy the journey you don’t have to get to the party too soon
Advice to herself as a parent in the future. Listen hard to your child and have mindless optimism.

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