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How can I access the training videos?

The BulletMap Academy courses can be accessed by logging in to a BulletMap Academy account. Students however some courses are restricted depending on your active plan. Our courses are ordered chronologically so you can’t move on unless you have completed the previous course. Here’s how you can access the courses without the help of your coach. 


Follow the steps for the easiest way to access the courses from a desktop

1. Go to the activity page 

2. Look to the right side of the page. You’ll see a section labelled as “Registered Courses“. 

3. Choose the first course to start. You’ll also see your progress here so when you complete a course it will also reflect here.


You can also go to the course’s page to access the courses from a desktop

1. Go to the activity page 

2. Look up at the menu bar and find “You

3. Click ‘Courses‘ as shown in the photo

4. You’ll end up in the Course Page

In this course page, you’ll see the courses that you are enrolled in. You can also see the courses that you’ve completed.

menu desktop


The easiest way to access the course in your mobile is:

1. Go to the home page

Step 2. Click the menu bar at the right side. 

bulletmapacademy home page

Step 3. Click the plus + button beside the “you

menu mobile

Step 4. Then click “courses

menu mobile

Step 5. You’ll end up in the course’s page. In this page, you’ll see the courses that you are enrolled in. You can also see the courses that you’ve completed.


I'm having trouble playing the videos

If you press play on the video, it usually starts playing. If it doesn’t, you can check your internet connection or refresh the page. 

If your having internet problems, you can reduce the quality of the videos when watching. It allows you to watch the videos even with low internet connection or if a video takes too long to play. 

  1. Go to settings at the lower right of the video. It looks like a gear.
  2. Click quality
  3. Choose a lower quality


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If the videos are not working even though you have , please send us a message or give us a call and we’ll have someone to fix that for you.

What is The BulletMap System?

The System

The BulletMap Academy System is designed to help dyslexics focus and share their cluttered thoughts. The system has 10 training stages called belts with a few courses under each stage. These courses are practical and easy to learn. Plus, we also have coaches, with their coaching sessions, to help the students go through the courses and make sure everything is well absorbed.

Here’s the list of skills you’ll learn while going through the courses:

While going through the courses you’ll encounter the 7 maps of the BulletMap System depending on what you need.

7 maps


How do I Pay?

Rest assured that our payment method is secure and reliable. You can also contact us if you encountered issues regarding your payment.

What are the payment gateways?

Credit Card – We support payment using your credit card

Accepted credit card types are; 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

PayPal – Payment using PayPal express is also available for those who don’t have a credit card. Just take note that it takes a few minutes for PayPal to acknowledge the transaction. Please wait for a moment after payment.

What currencies are acceptable?

Currency conversion changes every time so we made an option to choose which currency you want to pay. You can pay $ US Dollars or £ GB Pounds. You just click the toggle above.


What are the subscription plans?

Check out which payment plan suits you best. Click here to go to the pricing page.

Club Membership
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Club Membership
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Club Membership
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How can I unsubscribe my plan?

Students can unsubscribe anytime. It is recommended to have caution. Once unsubscribed, you’ll be restricted access to all the BulletMap Academy courses. If you want to have access again, you’ll have to pay again regardless of the previous payment.

    • You can un/subscribe here. Click on your Profile in the BulletMap Academy > Click on Membership > Under My Membership click on ‘Cancel’
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How can I upgrade my plan?

For upgrading your current subscription, go to the ‘pricing page’ or click the join the club and choose another club membership plan you want to upgrade to. Go through the checkout process again but you’ll observe that your information are already filled out. Just go directly to the fields that are missing then click purchase.

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find motivation / bulletmap

Study Groups are an integral part of the BulletMap Academy experience. Its where the students get together and share their learnings with the group. It serves as a platform for students to build their confidence in talking through their maps. They can also observe the maps of the other students and ask questions if they like.

How can I to join a study group session?

It’s as simple as showing up to the scheduled time. They don’t have to talk at first try. To join,

  1. just click the Zoom meeting ID link: 
  2. or go to Menu 
  3. Click You 
  4. Click Quick Links
  5. Then click Study Group Direct Link
study group link

How can I use Zoom?

We use the app Zoom for all our study groups. Zoom allows us to talk face to face online. You can use it in your phone or desktop.

How to use Zoom:

1. Download the Zoom app in your phone or desktop

2. Click the meeting ID link:

3. You will be asked to enter your participant ID if you haven’t yet.

4. You have now joined the Study Group

What are the study group schedules?

Our study clubs run weekly, including holidays. We will use the same link, for every study group, every week.

Click here to see the calendar

What do I need to bring in a Study Group

Not much. If you’ve made a map that week, you can bring it and show it to the group. It is also advisable to have 2 devices (a phone and laptop) connected to Zoom so you’ll be able to spotlight your map when you share.


Feel supported / bulletmap

One-to-one coaching is a service that Bulletmap Academy provides to new and existing students who may benefit from a concentrated type of tutoring. These would be 25-minute  sessions with a BulletMap coach wherein you can get instant feedback on your progress. The sessions can and will be scheduled according to your availability.

We now provide one-to-one online tutoring for creative children and adults with dyslexia. These study skills tutorials are 25-minute long done via video from 1-8 pm Monday- Friday. You can schedule them according to your availability. These tutorials run alongside our Video curriculum.

How to book for coaching sessions?

Instead of giving you the direct link to the booking page, we are going to find out how to go to the booking page by going through the menu.

To go to the booking page;

  1. Go to Menu above the page,
  2. Look for the ‘You‘ and hover over it,
  3. Hover over ‘coaching and support‘,
  4. Click ‘Book A Coaching Session‘.
2020-04-13 (1)_LI
2020-04-13 (2)_LI

To book a coaching session:

  1.  Scroll all the way down and look for ‘Book Appointments
  2. Choose you coach then click ‘continue‘. If you don’t have coach yet, just click ‘continue’.
  3. Pick a date and time then press ‘continue
  4. Enter your name, email and phone number then click ‘confirm‘.

What are the schedules for coaching sessions?

The schedule depends on the availability of your coach. You can check the coach’s schedule on the booking page and choose which time would suit you best.

Where can I see my scheduled bookings?

To view your scheduled bookings for coaching sessions, go to the menu> you> coaching and support> My coaching session schedule

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When is the QnA with Darius?

Darius cannot be present in all of the Study Groups and Coaching session but he allocates 1 hour a week every Friday at 5 pm GMT to answer all the students’ questions that week. You can check it out live at our Facebook Page or go talk to him directly on Zoom with this meeting ID

Doodle Club

What is a Doodle Club?

Watch the video to find out

How can I join the Doodle Club?

You can doodle a story together daily with other families on Zoom or on Youtube. We call it “Doodle Club’. It’s happening every weekdays (Monday to Friday) at 3:00 PM UK time.

  1. You can join the Doodle Club by going to this link:
  2. Sign up and see you at 3pm
  3. We use Zoom to meet with the club. Click here to know how to use Zoom

How do I set up for Doodle Club?

You might be asking what you need to do to get ready for the doodle club. Here are the things that you need to do to join;

  • Two devices connected to zoom
  • Download Zoom app
  • Have stack of books ready for placing your device.
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Coloring materials

Watch the video to know more how to set up for doodle club.


reward homework

The BulletMap Academy wants to emulate an actual school environment virtually. We established a safe community where our students can share their works and receive feedback.

How to update my profile?

The BulletMap Academy profile is where you can see all of your posts. It’s also what the other members can see. Please complete the fields necessary on your profile. To go to your profile page, simply click your profile picture at the top right corner.

Profile Photo – We encourage the parents to upload a photo on their profile so it’s easy to recognize profiles especially if you only know each other from the study groups. However, it’s not recommended for kids to upload a real photo and use real full names to respect their privacy. They can use their nickname and initials of their family names instead.

  1. Go to your profile page
  2.  Click the profile picture to edit
  3. You’ll be asked to upload a photo
  4. If you’ve chosen a photo, click save
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How to update my settings?

You can change the settings of your account at any time. You can change your setting like; display name, who can view your profile, who can post on your profile, timezone and others.

  1. Just go to your profile page
  2. Click ‘About’ right below the profile picture
  3. Click ‘preferences’ 
  4. You can change your settings there

How can I change/reset my password?

Passwords get lost all the time. Here’s how you can recover your password if by some reason you forgot it. 

Step 1: Go to log in, then click Forgot Password

2020-04-22 (5)_LI

Step 2: Enter your email address then click Submit. A message will tell you that you’ve been sent an email with the password recovery instructions. 

2020-04-22 (6)_LI
2020-04-22 (7)

Step 3: Go to your email and find that password recovery instruction. Click the link to reset your password.

2020-04-22 (8)_LI

Step 4: Fill in the new password that you want then click Submit

2020-04-22 (9)

Step 5: There will be a message that says your password has been changed. Go back to log in page then log in with the new password.

2020-04-22 (10)

I have a temporary password, how can I change it to my desired password?

This might happen if you want to change your current password to a more memorable and secure one. Or you were given a general password by the BulletMap Academy staff so you can log in and change the password later. Here’s how you can change it.

Step 1: Go to your profile page

2020-04-22 (1)

Step 2: Click About

2020-04-22 (2)_LI

Step 3: In the About section, choose Account

2020-04-22 (3)_LI

Step 4: Put in your current password in the box then add you desired password at the bottom. Then click save

2020-04-22 (4)_LI

That’s it! Your Password is now changed so next time you log in you can use the new password already. 

How can I access the groups?

Upon signing up to the Academy, you’ll have access to some of the groups in the site however, you can join other groups too or create a new one if you want. Don’t be afraid to join and connect with other students in the academy. We would prefer you to interact with each other.


How can I upload a photo?

You can upload any photo or video you want as long as it’s child-friendly. Remember that there are children having free access to it anytime. 

Photo: 1st step to upload a photo is to click the upload photo option

2020-01-23 (7)_LI

Then choose a photo from your file

2020-01-23 (9)
2020-01-23 (10)

Then wait for the photo to upload

2020-01-23 (11)

You can choose who gets to see your post then click post.

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How can I upload a video?

Video: 1st step to upload a video is to click the upload photo option

2020-01-23 (8)_LI

Then choose a photo from your file

2020-01-23 (15)
2020-01-23 (10)

Then wait for the photo to upload

2020-01-23 (20)

You can choose who gets to see your post then click post.

2020-01-23 (21)_LI

Lastly, write a title and description of the video before posting. Sometimes, It won’t let you post the video if you haven’t added a title yet. So that is very important.

If you have any questions, call us

US: +1 234 3450 111
UK: +44 131 516 2111
or fill in this form