We provide online tutoring for children with dyslexia

Children with Dyslexia need a way to

Organise Ideas Visually!

We are the world’s best at teaching children with dyslexia to write structured essays with a visual Organiser called the BulletMap.

Students with dyslexia struggle in an education system not designed for the way their minds work.

It’s widely understood that dyslexia affects reading. It can also make it difficult for students to organize ideas into coherent essays.

According to British Dyslexia Association, 10% of students have dyslexia and most are unaware of it. They struggle in an education system that’s not designed for how their minds work.

This means many intelligent teenagers, with dyslexia fail written Exams. Locking them out of further education and opportunities.

We developed a way to equip these children to organize their thoughts visually and complete well-structured essays under exam conditions.

So that they can have the same opportunities other children have.

The Solution

We’ve developed a unique essay writing tool called the BulletMap Process.

It combines mind mapping and Cornell notes with seven crucial dyslexia and executive functioning techniques. All into a one-page process.

We’ve have an online tutoring service to teach the process quickly. Parents and children love it. Our in-house Bulletmap Coaches help students stay focused and on-track.

We also post certificates and medals to your child to give them the recognition they deserve.

Until now, this standard of dyslexia teaching and support could only be found in dyslexia schools. Now, this premium training is available to you online, at a fraction of the cost anywhere in the world.

Our results are transformative. Children consistently report greater confidence, more independence and less anxiety.

It is ideal to learn this skill early. If you have a child, 9-14 yrs old, anxious about assignments and essays, we can help them now.

With Bulletmap, students can write essays for exams such as Common Entrance, GCSE, National 5, Highers, A levels, and Common Core.

Book a Demo

One Zoom coaching session is all you need to see how it works and whether it is right for your child. We make it fun for you both. 

You will be shown how a homework assignment like “Write a story about a school trip” can be turned into a written piece in less than 45 min with a Bulletmap.

Step 1

Select a time on the “Book a Demo” calendar.

Step 2

Let your child experience it for themselves.

Step 3

If they like it, subscribe for weekly tutoring.

With this tool, your child will be able to produce a story independently after 12 sessions.

It might sound unbelievable. Especially if you have been trying for years. But trust us, we do this with the most extreme dyslexia, ADHD and or dysgraphia. It works because the Bulletmap uses their visual and verbal strengths not their weaknesses.

If your child is creative, visual or practical they will love this. Try a free demo with a coach to try it out.

It only costs £149 a month to get weekly tutoring. If it doesn’t make your child happy within the first 14 days you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. 

Let us equip your child to write structured essays with a BulletMap. So they don’t miss out on the opportunities other children have at school.

Click below to book a demo. You have nothing to lose


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