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Podcast #40 Dyslexia, Late-Bloomers and Mind Mapping. A mother discusses the experience with the Mind Mapping

We explore: Mum from Vancouver who homeschooled her child identifies the biggest challenge was not having faith in herself as a teacher at home especially noticing that her child was learning things later than his peers. Then she discussed the biggest piece of advice that she got from a consultant. Then she discussed how she had to be creative in finding more ways to help his child due to a lack of professional help. She also shared their experience with the Mind Mapping course.

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Visual processing, developmental optometry and vision therapy

Some kids have invisible, visual processing issues, or which can present as adhd- or dyslexia-like. A child can have all three issues,but an exam by a developmental optometrist (not an optometrist or opthalmologist) is key to specifically identifying visual processing issues (such as convergence insufficiency) creating reading, writing and copying difficulties that may be treatable through simple vision therapy exercises. For some children, a visual processing exam is an important step prior to or alongside effective dyslexia remediation and tutoring.

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BulletMap Academy is the only online dyslexia study skills club in the world. We help parents get their kids high school ready; fusing innovative e-learning with 1-to-1 coaching, a motivational community, and seal the deal with the rewards and recognition dyslexic kids deserve. 

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