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This course includes:​


This course is a basic story writing course designed to help you achieve higher marks on exams in less time with lower stress. The learning objectives and outcomes are directly aligned with narrative writing goals from:

The BulletMap Story Star Method helps you achieve the outcomes required from these programs. The Story Star is a special form of BulletMap as it already has suggested branches for you to fill in instead of creating your own. Based on the map structure, it’s easy to see which part of the story you are lacking so you have the opportunity to fill that in and improve the story right away. Your story is guaranteed to have a start, middle and end as well as the five main elements of the story.

Who this course is for:

This course was designed with pre-teens and teens in mind. Exams can be stressful, especially for highly creative people with busy minds. This course is the first on a path to help you learn how to use the BulletMap System to destress dyslexia by organizing your thoughts visually.

Why is learning how to write a story so important?

Writing a story is one of the most important things a person with dyslexia can learn because it’s the main way to explain things and persuade people to do things! When they become a teenager, they need to be able to summarise books and research in order to persuade teachers they know what they’re talking about.

If they become a teacher or parent someday, they need to tell stories that motivate students or help children to learn.

If they become a businessman, they need to share the stories of their product or business. Nearly everything in their head needs to be explained as a story. But a story floating in our head is not good enough. We need to know how to get it down on paper! This is what this tutoring program is all about.

Our team is passionate about helping children with dyslexia to learn the skill of explaining their ideas persuasively as a story. Because we know they have a lot of amazing stories to tell but without this skill, their ideas can get stuck their your head.

This course includes:​

Featured Reviews

Megan and Wyatt


“I was so worried (when he gets to college level) how he is going to take notes, how he’s going to ever learn to write papers, but now with Bulletmapping I’m confident that he will be able to do all of that… BulletMap is an answered prayer.” – Megan, mum of Wyatt

Janine and Evie


“I wanted to give her the best possible way to prepare her for schoolwork, for going into big school, into a University, onto life. And I couldn’t find anything until I came across this (BulletMap Academy). It’s like a lifeline.” – Janine, mum of Evie

Sheryl and Henry


“BulletMap is a really great opportunity and it really helps you to get confident when you’re doing your work. It really helps to get you better grades and be able to do whatever you want in the future.” – Henry, 13 y/o

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally students should begin preparing for future exams around age 11. Older students and even adults can catch on quickly and achieve lasting results.

It depends on their age and level of dyslexia. Bulletmapping produces rapid and exciting results within months, but it needs practice and careful encouragement so children can use it confidently in school. Our core mission is to get children stable, happy and successful at school. If you want to get to the “stable and happy” stage, it will take about 3 months. If you want to get to the “successful at school” stage it takes about a year.

Bulletmapping transforms most dyslexic children’s experience of school, but not every child is ready. We don’t want you to waste time or money. So we ask students to give an introductory course a try. We can help you see if they are ready. If they aren’t, we will recommend you wait for 6 months and check again. BulletMap Academy is a more intensive approach with the dedicated support of an instructional coach. The coach will provide feedback, help boost your child’s confidence and become a trusted partner in your child’s education.

This course is self-paced and can be completed in a day, a week, or longer. However, for lasting results, the child or teen should practice using the system on multiple assignments or consider a membership in BulletMap Academy.

Yes. We know you want to be completely sure this is going to work for your child. We want you to have complete peace of mind, so we also give a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. It’s written in our terms of service.

Once you purchased the course, you’ll be given a login for the Academy where you can watch the training videos. You’ll
receive an email with your username and password you can use to log in. The videos can only be viewed on the website.



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