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Podcast #37 Study Strategies of a dyslexic who just finished his master’s degree from Oxford

This is a part 2 of our interview with William Stone. His dyslexia assessor advised his parents that he couldn’t manage the state school due to his dyslexia but his parents found ways for him to adapt and learn in the state system. 14 yrs later William Stone has a first class honours from the University of Edinburgh and a distinction in his Masters degree from Oxford.

In the last episode, we heard William’s story from his identification at 10 to his graduation from Oxford.

In this episode, he shares his study strategies. We asked him to share how he managed to be methodical even with the ongoing chaos of dyslexia. He shared what worked for him and what didn’t.

Listen to the podcast and find out how William highlights keywords, how he reads and studies, how he takes notes and does flash cards, etc. I hope you enjoy this episode.  

listen to the podcast now.

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