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Discover an essential survival kit for any dyslexic student facing high school.

How does it compare to typical system?

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BulletMap System

Developed for Dyslexics, by Dyslexics

We found a way to unlock the power of dyslexia by using the natural creative abilities every dyslexic has, making learning fun, visual and memorable.

Harness the Power of Dyslexia

Some of the greatest visionaries, pioneers, and leaders the world has ever known were “dyslexic”. What makes them special is they found a way to focus and share their thoughts and ideas.

That’s what the BulletMap™ System is designed to help every dyslexic do.

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We’ve identified the major barriers that dyslexics face when it comes to learning, comprehension, and effective exam revision – and we’ve developed a mapping system to overcome them.


Note taking is a nightmare for dyslexic students. It takes forever and nothing much goes in.

BulletMap replaces lengthy sentences with short words and phrases  – then prioritises them, making information easy to handle.


For a dyslexic student, knowing what to focus on in a sea of notes is almost impossible.

BulletMap’s short-hand note-taking means students can easily prioritise what information is important – an essential skill to simplify learning.


Disorganisation is the biggest barrier a dyslexic student faces to comprehend information.

BulletMap is a self-organising process. Once you have captured and filtered information, it’s easy to put everything in the right place.


One of the most frustrating things for a dyslexic is being unable to explain themselves clearly.

BulletMaps are storytelling maps. They create a narrative for creative thinkers to express learnings, thoughts and ideas clearly.

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Take on any challenge

Once dyslexic students learn how to organise their thoughts creatively, no academic goal will be out of reach.

And much, much more...

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Learn the basics of Bulletmapping. Learn how to Brainstorm with a Bulletmap. Learn mind mapping. Get:

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See what success looks like

Mia enrolled at BulletMap Academy and
used The BulletMap System to go from a
U (ungraded) to a C in just 3 months.

Take that, History!

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