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Reading is a massive accomplishment with dyslexia. But...

(#1/5 Stick Shift Blogs)

Learning to read with dyslexia is very difficult. If you have got up to Grade 2+ reading ability, congratulations, it’s a massive accomplishment. But, you’ve probably realised ‘reading’ is more than understanding words. It’s like climbing a mountain reaching the top and seeing it’s one of two peaks. For example, children with dyslexia often read a story, understand every word, but struggle to do a comprehension test. Comprehension and notetaking is the next peak.

massive accomplishment

Based on our knowledge and first hand experience we can help. This is why I am sending you this series of 5 “Stick Shift” posts.

I’m going to expand on our “Stick Shift” video. If you’ve seen it, you’ll understand what I’m about to say, if not, please watch it first, it’s here. In those 3 mins I explain the “Processing difficulties” of Dyslexia as ‘manual’ v’s ‘automatic’ thinking using a car analogy.

In the next 4 blogs, I’ll expand on the four BulletMap Academy gears:

  • ‘Capture’: being able to read.
  • ‘Filter’: being able to understand.
  • ‘Focus’: being able to take notes.
  • ‘Explain’: being able to write essays and/or stories.

The second gear: Reading comprehension and a simple tip that can help immediately. Click ‘next’ below to go to second gear.

The BulletMap Academy

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