Hannah Kelly

#45 Learning To Drive With Dyslexia

Learning To Drive With Dyslexia. Hannah shares how she learned to drive using some unusual techniques with a dyslexia friendly driving instructor.

Here are some of Hannah’s Top QUOTES in the podcast.

“I just burst into tears, at 23, in the car with a stranger.”

If five years of embarrassment, struggling and being ashamed with myself, and then finally triumphing, could be useful to other people, then heck yes. I want to make a podcast.”

 “My problems with dyslexia and driving were to do with timing.”

My expectation of my first driving lesson would be an abandoned car park and me at my liberty to learn how to move a car forward and backwards..”

If you’re in a math class and you fail your sum, nobody crashes. If you crash a car, that’s big-time mistake. It genuinely ups the stakes.”

 “Take a test as soon as you can to get rid of your fear of test conditions… So don’t expect to past your first test, but consider the first test as an experiment.”

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