5 gears of dyslexia

Podcast #52 Five Gears of Dyslexia: Reading, Writing, Remembering, Results, and Organization

This time, we discuss what I call the 5 gears of dyslexia; Reading, Writing, Remembering, Results, and Organization. We talked about how hard it is to move from gear to gear because of dyslexia restricting their movements.


Podcast #41 A parent-advocate getting well versed in the law to make dyslexic son’s childhood as normal as possible

She and her husband knew something big was going on when one night she saw her son start to beat his head on the kitchen counter screaming he’s stupid. Listen to a parent-advocate from Dyslexia Houston talks about how she constantly advocate for her dyslexic son’s rights at school.

caron trout

Podcast #38 How parents new to dyslexia deal with information overwhelm and the shock of discovering under-resourced teachers

We go deep in this podcast about how parents new to dyslexia have to deal with the overwhelm of information with Caron Trout, a mother of a 14-year-old,