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I met a child who said to me “I’m dyslexic. I can’t.”

I met a child who said to me “I’m dyslexic. I can’t.” And my heart sank. My first reaction was to help and say “but you can”. But something inside me knew it wouldn’t be helpful. Instead, I realised he needed the power of a little word: The Power of ‘yet’.


You see, I’m dyslexic, and I remember saying “I can’t” alot learning little processes that others children got so such more quickly. Each seemed so impossible at the time, but with the help of wise parents and teachers. For example now:

I can tie my shoe laces.
I can tell the time.
I can write cursive ‘f’s
I can read.
I can study.
I can find my keys.
I can arrive on time.
I can organize my mind
I can lead a team
I used to think “I can’t.” But then I learned “The power of yet“ and I began saying ‘I can’t, yet.’ And from there, with the right techniques and tools, it turned into “I’m dyslexic. I can.”
‘Yet’ helps the child accept the difficulty as real and still keep the door of possibility open long enough for them to learn.
What’s your ‘yet’?

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