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Podcast #19 How one teacher can make all the difference

Andrew Jenkins, Leadership Consultant, ‘From dyslexia to success: how one teacher can make all the difference’ Third Keynote at the Dyslexia Scotland Education Conference 2018.

Andrew Shares:
– A family of three grown up children all with Dyslexia and Him
– How nurturing a mindset is very important.
– One teachers input can make a lifetime of difference
– Lessons from the professional world as a business consultant
– How as a dyslexic he’s also an author
– The world is changing
– Dyslexics have the skill set most suited to the future changes
– The difference between ‘Fox Thinking’ and ‘Dolphin Thinking’.
– His story going from ‘dummy’ to art.
– Rejecting art as a career
– How an interview with “Dr. Heinz” was the turning point.
– How he came top of his class because of his new motivation.
– Going to university
– Choosing Fate or your own destiny
– The coming of AI and dyslexia combining.

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