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Podcast #17 ‘Positive About Dyslexia’

Welcome to Dyslexia Explored where we explore Dyslexia in the Teenage and Tweenage years from lots of different perspectives by asking people what their story is and what they can share that might help parents, tutors or even teenagers themselves with the challenges and opportunities of being Dyslexic and Hyper creative.

This week we have Rachel Miller, a sixteen-year-old ambassador of Dyslexia Scotland present the second Keynote speech to the Dyslexia Scotland Conference 2018. Rachel Miller addresses 150+ educators in the room. She has given this presentation to Schools and Universities.

– Her Journey from not managing to being identified.
– Her Mission to change the perception of Dyslexia to a learning style
– How she started a mind mapping club for 10 yr olds.
– Her aspiration to be a teacher and pay it forward.
– The smartness and skills of Dyslexic thinkers
– What she has found has helped
– Teacher attitudes
– Tech
– Skills
– Dyslexia’s effect in unexpected areas: Maths, Organisation etc.
– Things teachers should never say to dyslexic thinkers
– A list of helpful resources.

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Links you might like to check out:

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