How to help a child with dyslexia deal with the stress of schoolwork at home.

Online workshops on dyslexia and brainstorming

May 28 @ 10AM UK (5PM Singapore | 7PM Sydney)
May 28 @ 6PM UK (1PM NY | 10AM LA)

Children with dyslexia often find their minds overloaded with thoughts and concerns that stop them from being able to do their work.

Endlessly talking in circles doesn’t help dyslexics much. They need to get their thoughts out, to see them and organize them visually.

If you don’t have a way to deal with this they can build up and cause a lot of unnecessary stress, anxiety and arguments.

You need to learn a simple technique that will help you defuse the stress that comes from dyslexia and schoolwork. We’ve developed a little drawing exercise we use in our online tutoring, and want to teach you how to do it with your child.

*Times indicated above should be on your timezone.

In this limited one-hour online workshop, you and your child will learn how to brainstorm ideas and organize them visually. It’s a form of mind mapping called a ‘Bulletmap’. It’s live and interactive on Zoom with other families. I’ll be teaching you how to brainstorm with a

Learn how to do it from the comfort of your own home during the lockdown. It’s only $7 (£5) for the whole family.

Schedule of Workshops:
Thursday, May 28 @ 10AM UK (5PM Singapore | 7PM Sydney)
Thursday, May 28 @ 6PM UK (1PM NY | 10AM LA)

Places are limited to 15 families for each workshop date. So book your spot now.

Register here for the workshop:
*Times indicated below should be in your timezone.

This is one of the most useful and versatile tools for parents schooling children at home. Once you know it, you can help them:

  • Plan a school project.
  • Plan the week ahead.
  • Plan their day.
  • Plan a fun weekend!

The result? Parents and children love it. No more Sunday night arguments! A happier child who appreciates how you helped them cut through the overwhelm and confusion.

I promise you will love it.

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