Podcast #21 The Mind Mapping Experience

Teenager and Mum share the results of One Year of Mind Mapping High school. I grabbed a rare opportunity to meet with a student at the lunch break of Dyslexia Scotland Conference 2018. They helped me test the original Study group and “Mind Mapping High School” Course. Yasmin shares how she learned to apply her visual and creative way of doing school work and the results she got from it. Suzette also explains what its like from a parents perspective.

She covers:

-Talk about the course

-How systematically breakdown a book and map it

-Letting go of too many words

-Learning to let go of beautiful notes

-Suzette saw the growth and independence of her daughter

-Yasmin use mindmapping to give presentations

-The effects of setting goals

-Mindmapping hasn’t worked yet (areas to improve)

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